Search and Install Printers

Getting Started

  1. Ensure the iPrint Client is installed on your workstation.
  2. Go to to search for printers.
  3. Choose either Faculty/Staff or Student printers.
  4. Choose your location from the dropdown list to view available printers by building OR for FindMe/Swipe-to-print, select Find-Me from the drop-down “Tags” menu.
  5. The Search Results page includes the Room number and Printer Name so you can easily identify which printer you’d like to install.

If you experience problems installing or printing with iPrint, please contact the UBCO IT Service Desk at 79000.

Multiple Printers

Each printer is labelled in the following format P####, where #### is a four-digit number. If there are multiple printers in a room, please visit the printer to verify its name before installing.

Colour Printing

There are separate Printer Agents for printers that print colour. The Printer Agent is listed as P####-BW for Black & White. If the printer has the ability to print colour, there will also be a P####-COLOUR Printer Agent.

Note that all print jobs (regardless of whether or not the document contains colour) sent to a P####-COLOUR Printer Agent will be billed as a colour print job.

Access to the P####-COLOUR Printer Agents is restricted. You will need authorization from your Dean or Manager to access these printers.

Restricted Access

Note that the use of various printers is restricted to specific staff members. If you are experiencing difficulty printing, please contact the UBCO IT Service Desk at 79000 (toll-free 855-807-9001).

Find-Me Printing

Find-Me printing allows users to print to a single global print queue without selecting a printer, and then release the print job at any printer (via a Release Station).

UBC Okanagan has now transitioned all student printers to Find-Me printing. When you are ready to print your document, make sure you select the “Student-BW” or “Student-Colour” printer queue. This will send the job the new virtual holding queue.



The first time you install a printer using iPrint, you may be prompted to enter your Novell username and password (sometimes referred to as your “NDS” or “Netware” username and password).

This is the username and password you use to login to any of the Windows computers on campus.

For Macintosh users, this is the password you use to access the files on the campus file server.

  • Enter your Novell username and password
  • Click the “Remember my password” checkbox to avoid having to enter your password each time you use a printer.
  • Click OK.


Once authenticated, you will be asked if you want to install the printer.

  • To specify that the printer be your Default Printer, click on the “Set printer as default” checkbox.
  • Click Yes.

For Mac Users

Note that the printer location information is not displayed under System Preferences > Print & Fax. Please visit the iPrint Search page to verify location information.

Pay for Print (Students Only)