UBCO Content Management System (OKCMS)


UBC IT Okanagan hosts a website content management system (OKCMS) based on WordPress. The service is provided as WordPress as a Service (or SaaS, Software as a Service) and serves as a common platform that enables sustainable creation and on-going maintenance of websites with the use of UBC Common Look and Feel (or CLF).


Features & Benefits

What’s included: 

  • Fully CLF-compliant website, implemented in WordPress.
  • On-campus hosting infrastructure for website (with centrally supported server backup and upgrades).
  • An initial website set up from pre-defined site template of your site structure.
  • Online documentation and support materials.
  • SSL Certificates.
  • System Monitoring.

What’s not included:

  • Full content migration (IT provisions the initial website shell from pre-defined site template only).
  • Custom design beyond what’s available within the existing UBCO themes and templates. 
  • Web content maintenance and updates.
  • User management after website setup.
  • Individual content backups. We have nightly backups of the entire platform but they are for catastrophic loss. Please ensure you take backups of your content.
  • Hosting of Personal and Research Lab Websites.

Requirements & Eligibility

  • The UBCO CMS must not be used to store and/or collect any personal or sensitive information such as student numbers, a user’s CWL, and other personal information.  See Personal Information | Privacy Matters @ UBC for UBC’s definition of personal information
  • CMS should not be used for mission-critical information as data loss may occur. 


This service is centrally funded and provided at no cost.

Further Information

Getting Started



Service Responsibilities

The following table clarifies the responsibilities of UBC IT Okanagan and those of the client.

Overall maintenance of server hosting infrastructure. x
Server LAMP software and security updates. x
Resource monitoring and allocation to ensure optimum server performance. x
Installing and managing TLS / SSL certificates. x
Monitor product for new versions, applying product updates and overall system maintenance. x
Provision of website shell, using the existing UBCO WordPress themes and templates. x
Provision of online documentations and support materials. x
Support and basic training on how-to use the tools and technology included in the system. x
Authority to disable the website if compromised. x
Population of website shell with content. x
Website content creation, updates and on-going maintenance. x
Website content design, site structure and usability. x
Content migration from an existing website to OKCMS. x
Website user access and management. x
End-to-end website testing. x
Ensuring content is backed up appropriately. x
Immediately report to UBC IT Okanagan if suspect website has been compromised. x