System Design & Specialty Spaces


When renovating or updating a department owned space, the UBC IT Okanagan (UBCOIT) Audio Visual (AV) team can provide expert guidance in AV system design, procurement, and audio visual equipment installation.  The AV team is equipped to support typical AV-related projects on campus, including presentation systems, videoconferencing, and digital signage.  As needed, we may refer you to a 3rd party agency.

Features & Benefits

  • Consultation with AV specialist to recommend a standard or customized solution to meet your needs
  • Highly-trained and certified designers, integrators and programmers
  • All work done in accordance with UBC standards and practices for construction and installation
  • Planning and supervision of your AV project including end-user training

Requirements & Eligibility

  • Available to all UBC Okanagan faculty and staff, within UBC managed space


Specialty spaces such as classrooms, computer labs, or meeting rooms which are available to any faculty or department to use are considered general use. UBCOIT will design, fund equipment upgrades, and manage the life cycle of the equipment in these spaces.

Any classroom, lab, learning space or meeting room which is not available for general use is considered department use or restricted access spaces. The department that occupies or manages the space is responsible for costs to maintain, replace or upgrade AV equipment. UBCOIT will provide consultation on the AV design and recommend equipment suitable to the space, at no cost to the department.

For information on UBCO IT AV support, equipment maintenance and replacement for specialty or department owned spaces please submit a ticket for the AV Services Team in the UBC Self-Service Portal.

Further Information

  • Information about on-campus bookable meeting rooms can be found on the Central Booking Office Boardrooms / Meeting Rooms webpage

Getting Started


Service Responsibilities

Service Responsibilities

The following table clarifies the responsibilities of UBC IT Okanagan and those of the client.

Equipment design and installation x
Minor repairs, and provision of spare equipment to avoid service disruption x
Installing, updating and renewing certificates x
Warranty and vendor support management x
Authority to disable applications if compromised x
Report meeting space issues to UBCOIT x
Knowledge of basic system set up and operations x
Ensure have correct adapters for their device(s) x
Ensure end-user equipment is compliant and updated to meet UBC standards, compatible with in-room equipment x