Pay for Print for Students

How It Works

Printing using the new process is streamlined and easier than before.

  1. When you are ready to print your document, make sure you select the “Student-BW” or “Student-Colour” printer queue. This will send the job the new virtual holding queue.
  2. Once you are ready to pay/release the print job, swipe your Student ID Card at any student printer. By “swiping” your card, it will send the print job from the holding queue to the printer. Your document will begin to print after the job is processed.

If you don’t have your Student Card, you can still release the print job by authenticating at the printer using your Student Number and PIN. If you do not release your print job, it will automatically be cancelled after 4 hours.

Before you print, make sure that your account has enough money or the job will be cancelled.

To add money to your printing account, click on the “Pay for Print” icon on the desktop and then select the “Student Deposit” tab. You can also set your photocopy PIN under the “Change PIN” tab.

Printer Locations

For updated building access and hours of operations visit: Building Access & Hours

Student printers are located in the following buildings across campus.

Technical Support

For student printer locations or general student technology assistance, please contact the Student Support Analyst (SSA) at

All student printers are monitored daily. To report a problem with a printer, submit information using the UBC Self-Service Portal.