Video Conferencing


Videoconferencing has become commonplace, but you don’t have to find your way by yourself if you don’t want to. UBCO has several supported videoconference options that will allow you to meet with your colleagues while working from home, effectively teach online, or even meet with groups physically located in rooms on both campuses while others attend from home or elsewhere.

Features & Benefits

Traditionally, video conferencing has been a way to meet face-to-face when it was easier, faster or cheaper than meeting in person. Now it has become the normal way of operating even for a large number of classes being taught online.

Most laptops, tablets and smartphones have built-in cameras and microphones, and there are cost-effective ways to add mics and webcams to desktop computers as well. By using one of UBCO’s supported VC platforms, you get the benefit of a full IT department supporting your success, rather than finding yourself out on your own trying to figure things out or troubleshoot when things go wrong. We can help you get set up and ensure you know the best ways to use the technology available to you.

Getting Started

If you are Faculty, Staff, or a Graduate Student and would like a licensed Zoom account as part of UBC’s Educational Zoom system, please submit a ticket to the UBC Self-Service Portal for assistance and an account will be provided at no cost to you.

If you would like support in booking and using a video conference room at UBCO, check out the information at Video Conference Rooms at UBCO.

Other than that, check out our FAQs below, and once you’re ready to move forward, submit a ticket to the UBC Self-Service Portal for assistance.

Further Information

Contact the UBCO IT Service Desk at 250-807-9000 with the in-room phone.

  • Contact the UBCO IT Service Desk at 250-807-9000.
  • If it’s related to Canvas/Kaltura/Collaborate Ultra, go to Canvas Video Guides or contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at 250-807-9293

Please submit a ticket to the UBC Self-Service Portal for assistance.

A UBC Email account is required in order to provision a Zoom account. The following e-mail address types are accepted:

  • UBC emails only:
  • Addresses ending in are not currently accepted.

Please submit a ticket to the UBC Self-Service Portal asking for AV consultation and this will generate Work Orders to accommodate purchasing.

Please submit a ticket to the UBC Self-Service Portal asking for Telephone support, or call 250-807-9000 for immediate assistance.

If you wish to record content or need to do a class room live please check out Remote teaching page.

Video Conferencing is a live video-based meeting between two or more people in different locations using video-enabled devices. Video conferencing allows multiple people to meet and collaborate face to face long-distance by transmitting audio, video, text and presentations in real-time through the internet.

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