UBCO Computer Replacement Program (CRP)


The Computer Replacement Program (CRP) program provides IT supported equipment for permanent ongoing positions at UBC Okanagan. 

UBC IT Okanagan (UBCOIT) is centrally funded to replace aging equipment as necessary. Life cycle of equipment is based on current funding model.   Currently CRP laptops are eligible for replacement after 4 years and CRP desktops are eligible after 5 years.  The timing of device replacement is not guaranteed and is subject to UBCOIT funding. 

For research computers or support, see Research Computing.

Features & Benefits

  • Eligible users can choose from a designated standard CRP model PC laptop or PC desktop.  Additional CRP options are available depending on requirements including Apple devices.  Consultation on needs and requirements will be conducted by UBCOIT CRP Technician.
  • CRP equipment is fully supported, meets all UBC CyberSecurity requirements, and is centrally patched and managed
  • CRP equipment is life cycled based on funding – departments may buy-out equipment at the end of the lifecycle for ongoing use
  • CRP models are updated and refreshed annually to ensure latest technology advancements
  • Support of CRP equipment is up to 7 years

Requirements & Eligibility

  • You must be a full-time (1.0 FTE), ongoing, and a UBCO faculty or staff member to be eligible for CRP.
  • Instructional positions longer than a 3 year term may be eligible for CRP.  Contact UBCOIT with a ticket request to inquire about eligibility.
  • Eligible devices will be life cycled upon approved funding and replaced.  Currently life cycle practices are that eligible CRP laptops are replaceable after 4 years and CRP desktops after 5 years.
  • By accepting a CRP funded device, users agree to abide by the Acceptable Use Agreement

The CRP program does not include: 

  • Grant-funded positions, sessional staff, temporary workers, graduate students or student work appointments.
  • Devices that are department owned.
  • Devices that are personally owned and used for University business.


  • The CRP program currently covers the cost of a PC Dell Desktop, keyboard & mouse, with one 24″ monitor or a choice of a 14″ PC Dell laptop.
  • Other options are available upon consultation and the costs covered by CRP funding will be put towards any uplift options.
  • CRP does not cover any laptop accessories or docking stations.
  • CRP does not cover the cost of replacement of equipment due to accidental damage or spill damage.

Further Information

Getting Started

New hire
    • To request a CRP device for new, transferred or re-hired employees to your department (along with other critical UBCO IT accounts and access), please submit an Okanagan – Employee IT Onboarding request form in the UBC Self-Service Portal:
      Okanagan Employee IT Onboarding

      The employee must have an active CWL account prior to completing this form. Click here for more information on this process.
    • NOTE: Equipment purchased with CRP funds, is allocated to the position, not the employee. UBCO IT will try to accommodate individual needs for hires into existing roles, however these employees may need to use equipment designated to that position until the CRP life cycle has completed.
CRP Renewal Request
  • Existing UBCO employees with full-time, permanent ongoing positions who have computer equipment at least four years old can request a NEW CRP device from the UBC Self-Service Portal:
    CRP Renewal Request FoRm

    Please note that annual funding is limited, and requests will be prioritized based on age of equipment and functional need.

View current models



Service Responsibilities

The following table clarifies the responsibilities of UBC IT Okanagan and those of the client.

Installing device and equipment, upon request x
Authority to disable device, if compromised x
Monitor age of equipment, contact after 7+ years x
Costs associated with hardware malfunction x
Agree to the terms and conditions set out in the Acceptable Use Agreement x
Submit request for assessment of replacement when equipment is 4+years old x
Secure funding to upgrade beyond the standard device, specialty peripherals or additional monitors x
Training on new device applications and software x
Secure funding for repair or replacement costs associated with accidental damage such as dropping or spill damage x
Surrender ownership of equipment if/when requested x