Digital Signage


Digital signage provides a flexible, highly visible, and paperless mechanism to communicate messages across the university. This integrated system provides the functional capacity to deliver announcements, news, student activities, videos, campus-generated content and events, as well as critical campus updates such as weather advisories and emergency information.

Features & Benefits

  • Digital communication opportunities for UBC faculty, staff and the community
  • Develops the skills of UBC content creators and content managers by providing technical support, information tools, templates and training
  • Elevates the profile of UBC Brand institutional content by providing assets to the UBC Community
  • Content can be pre-scheduled and managed in real-time

Requirements & Eligibility

  • Content managers must be UBC employees with CWL
  • UBCO IT must be consulted prior to the purchase of equipment
  • Digital signs must:
    • use Yodeck players and have Yodeck licenses on the UBC network
    • be programmed to accept emergency information via the network
    • adhere to UBC Okanagan University Relations Communications and Marketing guidelines


Clients are responsible for the Yodeck subscription cost plus hardware purchase and replacement costs.

Further Information

Getting Started

For consultation with UBCO IT on equipment, submit a request using the UBC Self-Service Portal.


  • Support is available during regular business hours.  For general support, please submit a request using the UBC Self-Service Portal 

Service Responsibilities

Service Responsibilities

The following table clarifies the responsibilities of UBC IT Okanagan and those of the client.

University Relations
Risk Management Services
Maintenance of digital signage equipment x
Software and security updates x
Authority to disable application if compromised x
Creation and management of shared content x x
Management of emergency notifications x
Orientation to service x
User management and access x x
Application settings / content updates / management x
End-user support, training, and issues with Yodeck x