Printing and Copying at UBCO – Faculty and Staff


UBCO has implemented a central pay-for-print service to meet the printing and copy needs of faculty and staff.  This has been established to support UBC’s sustainability objectives.   

Printers provided through the pay-for-print program are accessible for use by all faculty and staff.  

Features & Benefits

  • Print only what you need with Secure Print 
  • Tap-to-release service using SALTO access which allows users to walk up to any UBC Fleet Printer and release their job via tap-to-release (also known as the FindMe function). 
  • Automated workflow for supplies management (i.e., toner).
  • Fleet maintenance and end-user operational issues provided by an external contractor. 
  • The pay-for-print service provides paper and related supplies. 

Requirements & Eligibility

  • All staff and faculty are eligible for pay-for-print.  Access to pay-for-print is requested during onboarding on the Okanagan – Employee IT Onboarding ticket (WorkTag is required). 
  • Contractors are eligible for pay-for-print with a sponsored CWL and have had an Okanagan – Employee IT Onboarding ticket submitted requesting access to pay-for-print (WorkTag is required). 


Print pricing can be found here:  Print pricing at UBCO

Further Information

Copyright Restrictions

  • Please take note that there are copyright restrictions to photocopying, printing and scanning materials. For more information, please see UBC Copyright Guide.

Getting Started


Service Responsibilities

The following table clarifies the responsibilities of UBC IT Okanagan and those of the client.

Size and deploy the printer fleet x
Manage contract with service provider x
Installation and printer moves (in consultation with Facilities Management) x
Billing of print usage x
Usage reporting to Department & Units x
Contact IT with printer supply issues x
Contact Ricoh for printer repairs and operation issues x
Completion of onboarding form for new faculty and staff x
Completion of offboarding form for departing or transfers x