Pay for Print (Students)

How It Works

Every time you print from any campus computer lab your job will go into your personal holding print queue.

You can release your print job directly at any student printer using Swipe to Print.

On the Pay for Print web page you can see how much it will cost to print any of the jobs in your holding queue. You also have the option of deleting any jobs from your queue that you do not wish to print. To select a job for deletion, click the box in the left-hand column next to it and then click the “Delete” button.

  • Your balance at the top of the page will be updated once the job is released from the holding queue.
  • We recommend that you check the printer before releasing jobs from the holding queue to ensure that there is enough paper in the printer to handle your print job.
  • If you try to release a job that you do not have enough funds to print the job will be deleted and you will receive a network message advising you that you did not have enough credit to print the job.
  • Jobs that are not released after 4 hours via swipe-to-print will be automatically deleted from your personal printing queue (you will not be charged for jobs that are not released).

Learn about Swipe to Print


Please take note that there are copyright restrictions to photocopying, printing and scanning materials. For more information, please see UBC Copyright Guide.