Desktop Services and Support


UBC Okanagan IT Desktop Services offers configuration and ongoing support for IT managed desktops, laptops, and peripherals.  IT managed devices include CRP devices and department devices purchased through Workday catalogs. 

For research equipment and support, see Research Computing.

Features & Benefits

  • Available during business hours (Standard hours are 8am-4pm Monday-Friday)
  • Service requests available via ticket submission with onsite and/or remote support
  • Computer Replacement Program (CRP)
  • UBC system configuration and installation
  • Equipment consultations and recommendations
  • Loaner equipment for term instructional positions (based on availability)
  • Move and setup of IT managed equipment and devices
  • Limited support for non-IT managed devices

Requirements & Eligibility

  • Deskside Service support is available for IT managed equipment and devices.  IT managed devices are identified by an IT Service Tag
  • Equipment not purchased through Workday will have limited support and may not meet UBC Cybersecurity minimum requirements

Further Information

Getting Started

  • New hire? Complete the IT Onboarding request to ensure the equipment meets employee needs and is and is available on their first day.   
  • Discontinue services or transfer to another department? Complete the IT Offboarding request in addition to Workday forms. 
  • If you need to order hardware for your department and would like support determining which device to purchase, please submit a request for consultation in the UBC Self-Service Portal.



Service Responsibilities

The following table clarifies the responsibilities of UBC Okanagan IT and those of the client.

UBCO IT Managed Equipment
Equipment procurement for new hires in the Computer Replacement Program (CRP) where eligible x x
Equipment procurement for life cycle/renewal management in the Computer Replacement Program (CRP) where eligible x
Management of hardware, operating system, required updates x
UBC IT fleet printer, scanner, copier set-up and support x
Configuration of devices to meet UBC security standards x
Authority to request equipment to be returned for replacement x
Authority to revoke equipment if compromised x
Procurement of supported equipment within Workday catalogs x
Report immediately to UBC Okanagan Security if equipment is lost or stolen x
Support for workstations that are not using Microsoft Windows or Mac OS as an operating system x
Basic care of equipment and maintenance x
Restart equipment as requested to ensure product updates / application maintenance x
Transportation of IT managed computer hardware to/from off campus to the Service Desk x
Relinquish equipment upon request by UBC Okanagan IT x
Non-UBCO IT Managed Equipment
Access to UBC VPN, Wireless, and FASmail services x x
Procurement as needed for non-IT managed equipment and devices x
Configuration of non-IT managed equipment and devices to meet UBC security standards x
Management of hardware, operating system, required updates x
Configuration of non-IT Fleet printers and copiers x
Basic end-user support and issue resolution x