Wikis allow easy creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages and are often used to create collaborative websites. UBC IT Okanagan offers private wikis to Okanagan campus faculty and staff.

Okanagan Campus Wikis

Features & Benefits

  • Campus-wide platform for private collaborative writing, where content can be created, viewed, and edited by any person who logs in with a CWL as determined by the wiki owner.
  • Uses open source MediaWiki platform.

Requirements & Eligibility

  • Wiki owners must have an active UBC CWL.
  • Access to content is managed by wiki owners. 


This service is centrally funded and provided at no cost.

Further Information

Getting Started

To request a private Wiki, please submit a Request Access to IT Service in the UBC Self-Service Portal.


Service Responsibilities

The following table clarifies the responsibilities of UBC Okanagan IT and those of the client.

Overall maintenance of server hosting infrastructure x
Software and security updates x
Resource monitoring and allocation to ensure optimum server performance x
Authority to disable the application if compromised. x
Installing, renewing TLS / SSL certificates x
Monitor for product new versions / applying product updates / application maintenance x
Report immediately to UBC IT Okanagan if they suspect their site has been compromised x
Create and maintain front-facing information, content updates and content management x
User management, access and support x
First point of contact for end-user support x