Wireless Access


You can check your e-mail, surf the web and access the network at high speeds from almost everywhere on campus! It’s easy to use and free for faculty, staff and students. Affiliates or guests sponsored by a faculty or staff member can also get an account at no charge.


If you’re having trouble with the wireless network, please contact the IT Helpdesk at 79000 (toll-free 855-807-9001).

Getting Started

To log in to the wireless network, you need a laptop or PDA with a Wi-Fi compatible card and your CWL account. If you do not have a CWL account, students can register for CWL by logging in to the Online Student Service Centre and faculty and staff can register for CWL at the CWL Sign Up page.

For instructions on how to get started with the wireless network;

Using VPN

UBC IT Okanagan offers free VPN (Virtual Private Network) services to UBC students, faculty, and staff at both the Vancouver and Okanagan campus’ to help keep their information safe. The UBC VPN service uses encryption to protect data as it travels between your computer and the VPN server.

VPN improves security and we recommend that all students, faculty, and staff use the VPN services when connecting to the UBC network off-campus and when using wireless.

myVPN page