Super Classroom

Wireless Microphone Operation

Panel Activation

Touch the panel on desktop to activate screen.

Lapel Mic

  1. Find the lapel mic in the drawer below the touch panel.
  2. Clip the microphone on to your clothing as close to your chin as possible.
  3. Press the power button ON, found on the mic pack. The power indicator LED should be on.
  4. Speaking in a normal voice, adjust audio level with the white ‘Volume UP’ or ‘Volume DOWN’ button located on the console’s touch panel. If you need more volume than the maximum on panel, adjust wireless volume control on amplifier.  
  5. To lower the possibility of feedback, avoid walking under a ceiling speaker and keep mic volume at a comfortable level.

Be sure to TURN OFF the mic pack and return to drawer.

Battery Replacement

If the power indicator light on the pack is off or flashing, the unit may need a new battery.

  1. To replace the battery, open the mic pack access door, take out old battery and replace with a new one.     
  2. Fresh batteries are found in the drawer or case. Take off battery terminal protector.  
  3. Ensure battery polarity is maintained by replacing fresh battery in the same Polarity position as depleted, matching + to +.
  4. Please advise IT, Media and Classroom Services of the battery replacement as a new battery will be supplied.

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