Super Classroom

Getting Started

  1. Panel Activation
    Touch the Touch screen. (Warm fingers work best.)
  2. Power on Projector
    Press “PROJ” button on the touchpanel. Touch “ON” icon on the touchscreen
  3. Lower screen
    Press the white “arrow down” button on the bottom right of touchpanel
  4. Adjust Volume
    Volume control for the system is on the bottom left side of the touchpanel. Press “VOL (arrow up)” or “VOL (arrow down)” to adjust.

AV Equipment Operation


Power up the PC found on rack. Press the "PC" button on touchpanel. This selects the PC onto the screen for projection.  Log into network by entering your Novell account number and password when prompted. Press “cancel” if login is not required.

DVD, VCR Operation

Power up the DVD or VCR player found on rack. Touch either “DVD” or “VHS” button on the right side of touchpanel for the equipment you wish to project. Control your selected equipment with the operating icons on the touch screen window.

You will require a key from Facilities to operate the VCR or DVD player.
After obtaining a key, unlock rack to access VCR/DVD.

Laptop Operation

Connect your laptop to the VGA cable found on desktop. Attach corresponding audio cable if required. Press the “LAPTP” button on the touchpanel. Check external monitor output on laptop if no image is projected.

Wireless mic

Find wireless lapel mic in pouch or drawer. Power on with switch on face. Volume is controlled on the bottom left side of the touchpanel with "VOL (arrow up)” or “VOL (arrow down)” buttons.  Turn mic off when done to preserve batteries. Extra batteries can be found in drawer or pouch.  More details...

You will need to pick-up wireless mic from Facilities.

Shutting Down

  1. Push the white projector “PROJ” button on touchpanel.
  2. Touch the ‘OFF’ button on the touchscreen. Projector will cool and turn off.
  3. Push the white “arrow up” button on the bottom right of touchpanel  to retract screen.
  4. Turn off equipment and power down PC

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