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Global IT Equipment Delays & Fiscal Year End for UBCO IT Equipment Purchases

Global IT Equipment Delays & Fiscal Year End for UBCO IT Equipment Purchases

Global supply chain issues in the computer hardware manufacturing industry continue to impact technology purchases around the world. UBC IT has been working with our suppliers to mitigate these issues, however we are still seeing delays of up to 4-5 months on some products, especially custom PC builds, adaptors, docks and monitors.

To avoid issues with planned fiscal year end purchases, we strongly recommend that you contact UBCO IT as soon as possible regarding any computer or technology related equipment purchases required for FY2021-22 in order to discuss options and ensure delivery before March 31, 2022. 

May 2021 IT Update: IT Equipment and New Hires – Early Resumption Planning Tips

While the university is currently determining the approach and guidelines for the resumption of onsite teaching and learning, we wanted to highlight a few things to help you better prepare for any IT equipment purchases or new hires you may need for fall. We will provide additional information and resources to support your resumption planning when further details are confirmed.  IT Accounts & […]

External emails to include a new security warning banner

UBC Cybersecurity and UBC IT Communication & Collaboration Services will be launching a new email security enhancement on September 28, 2020, targeting emails that originate from outside the university. This enhancement will add a warning tag to the top of emails that originate from outside the University. The External Email Security Warning Tag serves as a reminder […]

buyIT Website Retired

To prepare for the launch of Workday this fall, UBC IT Okanagan will be retiring the buyIT technology equipment purchasing portal on August 1, 2020. Staff and faculty can continue to request quotes or purchase items such as computers, software and technology accessories by submitting a ticket to the IT helpdesk at More details […]