Monthly Forced Reboots for UBC Managed Windows Devices

New mandatory forced restarts on UBC supported computers are being implemented to stay compliant with UBC’s information security standards.

External emails to include a new security warning banner

UBC Cybersecurity and UBC IT Communication & Collaboration Services will be launching a new email security enhancement on September 28, 2020, targeting emails that originate from outside the university. This enhancement will add a warning tag to the top of emails that originate from outside the University. The External Email Security Warning Tag serves as a reminder […]

UBC Upgrading to Improved Malware Protection Solution

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) is now the recommended and preferred malware protection solution for all computers managed by UBC IT.  This solution will replace Sophos Antivirus for all UBC supported desktops and laptops, with the UBC Sophos Antivirus license expiring July 29, 2020.  What does this mean? Computers provided by UBC Okanagan – Windows […]