May 2021 IT Update: IT Equipment and New Hires – Early Resumption Planning Tips

While the university is currently determining the approach and guidelines for the resumption of onsite teaching and learning, we wanted to highlight a few things to help you better prepare for any IT equipment purchases or new hires you may need for fallWe will provide additional information and resources to support your resumption planning when further details are confirmed. 

IT Accounts & Access for New Staff/Faculty & Student Hires

There are some known limitations with the hiring and IT account creation processes within Workday. This includes not being able to easily provide access to UBC accounts earlier than 2 pay periods before the new hire start date and if the employee has an existing CWL account prior to being onboarded in Workday.

These limitations are known and are actively being worked on, however in the meantime PLEASE follow these instructions or reach out to myself or the IT Helpdesk (UBC Self-Service Portal) BEFORE trying to provision email or other IT account access prior to Workday onboarding.

UBCO IT Onboarding

Also, please note, that there are specific accounts and services required for employees working in the Okanagan that will not be activated until the Okanagan - Employee IT Onboarding (CWL login required) form in the UBC Self-Service Portal has been submitted. This includes Novell account creation, printing access, phones, computer equipment and Zoom accounts.

More details on how to complete this form and the accounts & services it will enable can be found HERE. (Note: This form cannot be completed until after the employee has been issued a CWL within the Workday onboarding process).

IT Equipment Purchasing Delays

Global shortages in technology components (semiconductors) used to build PCs, is resulting in delays of 6-8 weeks for ordering new IT equipment. This is affecting almost all equipment including laptops, docking stations and monitors.

If you anticipate needing new equipment for the fall, for new hires and/or to accommodate hybrid working arrangements, please ensure you submit a ticket to the UBC Self-Service Portal for these purchases at least two months in advance.

Please note you can also make IT equipment orders directly in Workday including webcams, monitors, headphones, etc. Click HERE for more details:

Computer Replacement Program (CRP) for New Hires

The CRP program is centrally funded to provide UBCO IT supported equipment for permanent ongoing positions at UBCO. This program is currently being reviewed to ensure we are able to meet the technical needs of our growing campus in a fiscally responsible way. CRP requests for new positions filled by internal candidates will be validated with finance to determine whether an existing position is being backfilled. In the event staff end up changing roles, equipment may move with that staff member if there is no immediate backfill for the vacated role.

More details on CRP can be found HERE.