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UBC IT Okanagan Online Helpdesk is moving!

On November 2, 2020, UBC IT Okanagan will be moving to the UBC Self-Service Portal along with the Integrated Services Centre with the launch of Workday. This will make it easier for staff and faculty in the Okanagan, and across UBC, to access a variety of UBC support services from a single website: (cwl login required). Users can get help with issues from getting started with Workday to getting a new UBCO employee set up with computer equipment to reporting an issue accessing UBC wireless. You will continue to be supported by local Okanagan IT staff, while having the option to be seamlessly connected with support teams in Vancouver or the ISC if needed. A new Campus drop-down menu has been added to request forms to help ensure you’re connected to the right team, on the right campus, to provide better support services for all users. After November 2, users from the Okanagan will be automatically redirected to the UBC Self-Service Portal to submit any new requests for IT support. The current IT Helpdesk website ( will remain available to access historical information or complete any IT requests in progress. More details on this change including guides on how to use the self-service portal will be coming soon.

UBC Forms Retiring Fall 2021

UBC IT Okanagan will be retiring the UBC Forms service by the end of this year. Existing forms will be disabled by September 1, 2021 and the site turned off completely by December 1, 2021.

If you no longer need your form(s), please unpublish them and ensure you have kept any data required.

If you need to recreate forms or develop new ones, we recommend using Qualtrics. More details on using Qualtrics including on-demand training and other support can be found on the UBC IT Survey Tool page.

If you have any concern with this timing, or questions about alternative options or actions required, please contact the Web and Applications Team or submit a ticket via the UBC Self-Service Portal (Get Help -> Issue: Website).

Get Your MS Teams News on the Get Started Portal

Starting today, Microsoft (MS) Teams end users will see a “News” section on their Get Started Portal. This new feature will keep you updated on the latest MS Teams information from Microsoft, as well as from UBC. 

The introduction of the News section is part of a multi-phase approach to redesign the Get Started portal, making it more user-friendly and informative while supporting end users’ day-to-day use of the collaboration tool. 

Click on the Get Started Portal on your Microsoft Teams dashboard to learn more.

Delays for IT Equipment Purchasing

UBC IT’s next shipment of computer equipment, which includes laptops, docking stations, and monitors will be in mid-August 2021.  The COVID-19 outbreak has brought operational disruptions to industries across the world, one of them being the computer hardware manufacturing industry.  The switch to working from home and distance learning has also created a surge in demand for computer equipment, creating a massive supply issue. Customers are provided a warning of a three-month delay in receiving their order. 

Encryption Management Service Migration – VPN connection required

Starting Wednesday May 26, 2021, UBC supported devices which have not logged in to the UBC VPN regularly ( OR, may be prompted with a pop-window that says "There are pending system configurations requiring VPN connection." Please click "Connect Now" to connect to the VPN or "Connect Later" to be reminded to connect at a later time. No action other than activating the VPN connection is required.
The VPN connection is required in order to migrate the encryption management service of UBC supported devices to a new service. The remainder of this migration will happen silently in the background once a device has connected to the VPN. If you do not connect to VPN when prompted, you will continue to see the pop-up on a daily basis until a VPN connection is established.
For more information on the migration of the Encryption Management Service (including a video of the VPN connection pop-up request) please click HERE.

Lunch & Learn: Using MS Teams @ UBC

UBC IT is decommissioning Skype for Business (UBC Collaboration Suite) on May 31, 2021. All remaining accounts will be automatically switched to Microsoft (MS) Teams to continue supporting your collaboration needs. MS Teams enables chat, video conferencing, and collaborating in real-time on documents.

MS Teams Training for UBCO Staff & Faculty

If you’d like to learn how to use MS Teams (and OneDrive) with your department, faculty, class or project, join our Lunch & Learn sessions hosted by UBCO IT: (click a session below for more details and to register)

  • Tuesday May 25 – Getting Started I: Creating Teams, Channel & Files
  • Thursday May 27 – Getting Started II: Using Chat & Hosting Meetings
  • Wednesday June 2 – Advanced: Teams & OneDrive
  • Friday June 4 – Teams & OneDrive: Review & Open Q&A

To learn more about MS Teams, please check out the following resources:

SCHEDULED : Virtual Private Network (myVPN) Software Upgrade May 13, 2021, 21:00-21:30 PT

Scheduled : The Cisco AnyConnect software used to access UBC’s Virtual Private Network ( on Windows, MacOS and Linux will be upgraded to the latest version on May 13, 2021 from 17:00-17:30 PT. The new software will automatically prompt users to upgrade the next time they launch their current version of AnyConnect and sign onto A reboot may be required to complete the installation.

May 2021 IT Update: IT Equipment and New Hires – Early Resumption Planning Tips

While the university is currently determining the approach and guidelines for the resumption of onsite teaching and learning, we wanted to highlight a few things to help you better prepare for any IT equipment purchases or new hires you may need for fallWe will provide additional information and resources to support your resumption planning when further details are confirmed. 

IT Accounts & Access for New Staff/Faculty & Student Hires

There are some known limitations with the hiring and IT account creation processes within Workday. This includes not being able to easily provide access to UBC accounts earlier than 2 pay periods before the new hire start date and if the employee has an existing CWL account prior to being onboarded in Workday.

These limitations are known and are actively being worked on, however in the meantime PLEASE follow these instructions or reach out to myself or the IT Helpdesk (UBC Self-Service Portal) BEFORE trying to provision email or other IT account access prior to Workday onboarding.

UBCO IT Onboarding

Also, please note, that there are specific accounts and services required for employees working in the Okanagan that will not be activated until the Okanagan - Employee IT Onboarding (CWL login required) form in the UBC Self-Service Portal has been submitted. This includes Novell account creation, printing access, phones, computer equipment and Zoom accounts.

More details on how to complete this form and the accounts & services it will enable can be found HERE. (Note: This form cannot be completed until after the employee has been issued a CWL within the Workday onboarding process).

IT Equipment Purchasing Delays

Global shortages in technology components (semiconductors) used to build PCs, is resulting in delays of 6-8 weeks for ordering new IT equipment. This is affecting almost all equipment including laptops, docking stations and monitors.

If you anticipate needing new equipment for the fall, for new hires and/or to accommodate hybrid working arrangements, please ensure you submit a ticket to the UBC Self-Service Portal for these purchases at least two months in advance.

Please note you can also make IT equipment orders directly in Workday including webcams, monitors, headphones, etc. Click HERE for more details:

Computer Replacement Program (CRP) for New Hires

The CRP program is centrally funded to provide UBCO IT supported equipment for permanent ongoing positions at UBCO. This program is currently being reviewed to ensure we are able to meet the technical needs of our growing campus in a fiscally responsible way. CRP requests for new positions filled by internal candidates will be validated with finance to determine whether an existing position is being backfilled. In the event staff end up changing roles, equipment may move with that staff member if there is no immediate backfill for the vacated role.

More details on CRP can be found HERE.

Retirement of McAfee Encryption Management Service – June 24, 2021

UBC IT will be retiring the McAfee Encryption management service on June 24, 2021.  We will continue to manage encryption for supported devices by leveraging the capabilities of existing licensed products (MS InTune for PCs and Jamf Pro for Macs).  This change will result in significant cost savings for the University.  


Remember to close off your Qualtrics account before end of term

Its almost the end of term and those of you leaving UBC will want want to make sure your Qualtrics surveys and respondent data are properly dealt with. By attending to any administrative tasks now, you can avoid causing issues that could impact colleagues who may rely on your survey data for their work.

Departmental Home Drive Migration – May 8th/9th

As part of UBC IT’s ongoing hardware refresh, on May 8th, the Departmental Shared Drive (“K: Drive”) will be migrated to upgraded hardware to ensure continued performance and reliability. This process will change the mapped location of the K: Drive. UBC managed computers will require a reboot of your personal or office machine to update the drive mapping. If you own custom-built, isolated or personal equipment, you will need to manually update the drive mapping.

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer the NetStorage service. This is due to evolving security policy and compatibility. However, there are several services that offer web-enabled collaboration now available including Microsoft Teams and OneDrive. If you have a requirement to collaborate or share documents via web-based means, please contact us for a consultation.

Please note that during this time, you will not be able to save files on the K: Drive. They will still be available as read-only, but if you intend to save files on this weekend, you should make a copy of them locally first.

After migration, your existing files stored in your folder on the K: Drive will be available on the new storage, with the same permission sets and backup/retention policies.  The old drive will still be available for several weeks after the change to access in read-only mode if an issue with a file is encountered.

If you use ZenWorks and logon with your Novell account, you should sync your Novell and CWL passwords. For more details, please read the KnowIT article linked here. (