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Digital UBC: Community Update for March

Digital UBC aims to develop a forward-looking strategy that advances Shaping UBC's Next Century and reflects the needs of the community in the context of a post-pandemic world.

Participate in UBC’s Records Classification and Retention Schedules review

The Records Management Office (RMO) for UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan is issuing enterprise-wide retention schedules that require input from across the university. 

UBC ARC announces Globus Plus for Researchers

UBC Advanced Research Computing (ARC) is pleased to announce the availability of Globus Plus to the research community.  Globus is a research-focused data transfer platform that lets users efficiently, securely, and reliably transfer data directly between systems separated by an office wall or an ocean.  Globus Plus allows users to create shared endpoints from any computer and transfer files between Globus endpoints.

Help shape UBC’s digital future – complete the Digital UBC survey by April 29, 2022

As part of our ongoing efforts to develop UBC’s first university-wide digital strategy, we are asking faculty, staff and students to complete the Digital UBC community survey by April 29.  

Digital UBC is an initiative that engages students, faculty, and staff in a process to understand their needs and priorities and to articulate a digital vision, strategy, and roadmap for the university.  

Next Workday Release on March 12

All UBC faculty and staff will see updates to the Workday home page, search functionality, and navigation, as part of the Workday release on March 12. For a preview of these changes, please visit the ISC website, which will be continually updated with up-to-date information and helpful resources. Workday releases happen twice a year and are part of their commitment to continuous improvement.

March 1: UBC IT Okanagan Managed Windows 10 Upgrades

To stay compliant with UBC’s information security standards, Windows 10 devices are required to run current software versions and have all required security updates installed.

Starting March 1, centrally managed Windows 10 devices (version 1909 and older) at UBC Okanagan will receive the latest version of Windows 10 (21H2). Once updates are available, you will have up to two weeks to restart your device. This update may take longer to install and should be performed toward the end of the day to minimize the impact on your schedule.

The current version you are running will reach end-of-life on May 10, 2022 and will be out of compliance with security standards. Feature Updates for Windows 10 are a security requirement, and updating systems is in accordance with UBC’s Information Security Standard M5, Vulnerability Management, (hxxps://  

Windows 10 Feature Update Installation – What Should You Do?  

We strongly recommend initiating the Feature Update and restarting your computer as soon as possible to mitigate any security risks and comply with UBC IT’s Information Security Standards. Please refer to UBC’s Windows 10 upgrade video.  

There are two steps to this process: 

  1. Install the “Feature Update to 20H2”
    Typically, it takes 60-90 minutes for the installation phase to complete while you work. You can check the status of your update in the Software Centre.  
  1. Restart your PC after the update has finished installing
    You can do this at a time in your work day that is convenient (e.g., at lunch time or at the end of the day). The restart should take 10–15 minutes. 

Please note: We strongly recommend you complete the update and restart your computer on your own prior to March 16. After this date, forced updates will begin in a phased approach on PCs that haven’t yet initiated the Feature Update. As well, a forced 2-week countdown will begin on PCs that haven’t yet restarted their PC after installing any Windows Updates that require it. This means you will be less in control of the process and resulting downtime during the restart that applies the update.  

Share your ideas about UBC’s Digital Future

What is your vision for UBC’s digital future in the next 3, 5 ,10 years?

UBC is developing its first institution-wide digital strategy with a forward-looking vision and strategy that advances Shaping UBC’s Next Century and reflects the needs of the community in the context of a post-pandemic world.

Share your ideas and help shape the university’s digital strategy at an upcoming focus group or via an online feedback form.

The 90-minute focus groups will include a brief overview of Digital UBC, followed by a discussion to explore areas that are critical to your success and would deliver the most value to you, your digital vision, and digital priorities for the university.

Faculty and Students are asked to register today for focus group dates in February. You will be notified via email prior to the focus group date, subject to availability.

If you are unable to attend a focus group or are a staff member, feedback can be submitted at any time through our online feedback form.

Learn more about Digital UBC.

Printer Software Changes, Family Day Weekend (February 19-21)

On Family Day weekend, UBCO IT will be rolling out a change to printers to migrate the credentials required from Novell to Campus-Wide Login (EAD) credentials.

On Tuesday, Feb 22nd, please restart your machine.

Depending on your computer and/or software management system, you may be prompted to select a printer and/or login with your Campus-Wide Login (EAD) credentials. If you have print requirements for Tuesday morning (Feb 22nd), please attempt to complete these prior to the end of business on Feb 19th, as we are preparing for a high volume of service requests which must be manually resolved.

Note: If you have a networked personal (“convenience”) printer, we will reach out to you individually for specific instructions on how to print after the cutover.

Printing Documentation

Actions Required:

  • If you have print requirements for Tuesday morning (Feb 22nd), we recommend printing these BEFORE Friday afternoon to avoid any delays.
  • After Tuesday, Feb 22nd, to connect your computer to the new FindMe “print object” you will need to restart your device, and if NOT on campus, connect to the VPN prior to login.
  • Depending on your computer and/or software management system, you may be prompted to select a printer and/or login with your EAD credentials before the new print object (pop-up windows will appear with any required actions).
  • You should set this new printer as your default printer if prompted.
  • Please note the “print object” update may take up to 60 minutes to complete.
  • If you are having problems after this time, please contact the IT Service Centre for assistance.
    • Urgent issues please call 250.807.9000 (on-campus dial 79000)
    • Otherwise please submit a ticket via the UBC Self-Service Portal

2021/22 Term 2 IT Updates

We’ve pulled together information about 2021-22 Term 2 Startup IT Updates to help you get ready for Term 2.

Please reach out to your Engagement Services Coordinator with any questions or concerns.

Have a wonderful holiday break and see you in 2022!