Research Data Management

Bulletins – IT, Media & Classroom Services News 2020-10-08 14:32:44

Interested in using public cloud services such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS)? Want to learn how they can support your research? UBC Advanced Research Computing (ARC) is hosting the UBC ARC Cloud Computing Research Fall Training from October 19 – November 3, 2020. This year, the program will be offered virtually in the form […]

UBC Research Data Management Fall Series 2020

Interested in learning more about research data management (RDM)? Heard about the Tri-Agency’s upcoming RDM Policy and want to know how to meet the requirements? The UBC RDM Fall Series 2020 will run daily virtual sessions from September 28 – October 16. These sessions will walk through the full research data lifecycle, with a series […]