Paper Ordering Procedure

Ordering for Pay-for-Print Devices

UBC IT Okanagan has created special accounts configured specifically for ordering paper to be used in any campus fleet copier or laser printer that is part of the Pay-For-Print system.

Available Paper Types

  • Staples Order: DPP1977 Paper, Recycled 30%, Earthchoice, 11″, 500/pk, Letter Size 8.5 x 11
  • DPP1978 Paper, Recycled 30%, Earthchoice, 14″, 500/pk, Legal Size 8.5 x 14
  • DPP1343 Paper, Recycled 30%, Earthchoice, 17″, 500/pk, Ledger/Tabloid Size. 11 x 17

A SKID of paper equates to a quantity of 400 packs. For standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper, there are ten packages [reams] of paper to a box.

Paper is available and can be ordered in the three common standard paper sizes, with 30% recycled content. For budgetary purposes, we respectfully request that you only order paper with 30% recycled content at this time. Colour paper is not available using an IT Paper ordering account – should you require colour paper, please sign up for an individual departmental Staples account.

Requesting an Account

To request an IT Paper ordering account, please submit a ticket using the IT Helpdesk system. Use a problem type of Other. Request information to set up paper ordering from Staples. The ITCMS Administrator will then contact you to help you set up your Bulk Paper EWAY ID with Staples.


A chargeback to your account will be done on a quarterly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many packages [reams] of paper are in a box? A skid?

A. It depends on the paper size. For standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper, there are ten packages [reams] of paper to a box, and four hundred packages [forty boxes] to a skid.

Q. Upon delivery I received an invoice – do I need to forward it anywhere?

A. Yes, please forward to: Connie Neid, UBC IT Okanagan, ADM 024, 1138 Alumni Avenue.

Q. Who do I contact with any other questions that arise?

A. Contact Connie Neid at 250.807.9439 or