Personal Webspace

Decommissioning Notice

UBCO People Server has been decommissioned and is no longer available.

Recommended alternative services to the UBCO People Server are outlined below.


Faculty and Staff may utilize a number of solutions for digital information sharing at UBC.

Simple Web Hosting

For static content and anonymous file sharing, UBC IT offers paid web hosting that is highly available at minimal cost. You may also be able to acquire a “3rd level domain” (for example, for your site.

For more information, visit the Shared Web Hosting page here:

Blogs Websites

As an additional option for static content, CTL offers a free WordPress-based website service called “UBC Blogs”. This service is available to all faculty, staff and students that have a CWL. For more information, visit the UBC Blogs website here:

File Sharing

There are a number of file sharing services available at UBC including internal network drives (TeamShare), and cloud storage options such as Microsoft Teams and OneDrive.

Teaching and Learning

For all teaching and learning processes, we recommend Canvas and the other T&L tools provided by CTL/CTLT. If you have questions or gaps in functionality that cannot be met by Canvas, please contact CTL directly: