Phone Service


  • Faculty and staff on both the Okanagan and Vancouver campuses can call each other through 5-digit dialing.
  • Okanagan campus faculty and staff can also call Greater Vancouver using their on-campus phones without incurring long distance charges.
  • All local calls require our area code (250) as well as the 7-digit telephone number.
  • For local and long-distance dialing, the outside access number is 8


Common Dialing Instructions

5-digit Dialing Across UBC, Toll-free calls to Greater Vancouver, Long Distance Dialing, Accessing Your Mailbox, and more.

Voicemail Instructions

Voicemail can be accessed only from a touch-tone telephone.

User Guides

About your set, customizing your set, making and answering calls, using advanced features, etc.

Hot Desk Phones

Hot Desking allows you to log into the telephone system from any phone designated as a Hot Desk phone.

Dial-out Conference Calling (Office Phone)

(up to 8 outgoing calls) Conference Call procedures using your office phone.

Dial-out Conference Calling (Wireless Conference Phone)

(up to 8 outgoing calls) Conference Call and Wireless Conference Phone Booking Procedures.

Dial-in Teleconferencing (Mitel AWC)

(up to 26 callers) Mitel AWC provides a complete audio conference solution for all faculty and staff at UBC’s Okanagan campus.

Cellular Service

Options for cellular services at Okanagan campus.