Computer Lab Software Requests

To request that software be updated, or new software be installed, please submit a ticket to the UBC Self-Service Portal for assistance.  We can quote, order, and install at no cost to you beyond the cost charged by the vendor for your software.

To ensure that the software you request is ready for your class, please be aware that there are timingcompatibilitytesting, and licensing concerns which need to be addressed.


To minimize the impact on existing classes, and to accommodate other existing work scheduled by UBC IT, the following table outlines the deadlines by which we need to have the software [both license and media] in our possession in order to guarantee it is ready in time for the semester listed.

Enrolment Services publishes the initial drafts of the semester schedules starting on April 16th. We have allocated ample time past that date for you to submit your software requests to us.


W1 – September through December July 1st
W2 – January through April November 1st
S1 – May/June  April 1st
S2 – July/August  June 1st

Requests received outside of these timelines will be dealt with on a best-effort basis. UBC IT Okanagan will not be held responsible for negative impact to classes if the above deadlines are not met.


Software requested must be compatible with the operating system and hardware in the lab.  In addition, software may cause conflicts with software that is already installed in the computer labs. We will let you know if there are known issues with the software you have requested, but testing is always critical.


You, or a designate, will need to test the software once we have prepared and deployed it. We may deploy the software in a test environment outside of the lab to ensure that things are working before we do a full lab deployment. We will test it to the point that the software loads without errors, but we cannot be experts in all software and need you to do the more detailed testing. Alternatively, if you have a fixed set of functions that you need the software to perform, you can provide that list to us along with instructions and sample files, and we will perform the testing for you.

We are in the process of implementing a new virtual testing environment called CheckIT which will allow authorized users to remotely check and test your software as it will appear in a computer lab prior to it being deployed into the classrooms. You can request access by submitting a ticket to the UBC Self-Service Portal. Once access is granted you can continue on to CheckIT to utilize this new service.


Software licensing can be a real minefield to navigate by yourself – we’ll help you out by reviewing your license for you to ensure that it is valid for installation in an institutional computer lab.

Trial Software

No trial software is permitted except in the case where the trial does not have an end date and you have the explicit written consent of the software publisher.

Textbook Software

Software bundled with a textbook may be installed provided you have the explicit written consent of the software publisher.

Network Licensed Software

There is no minimum number of licenses required as the license server will handle license compliance. UBC IT Okanagan will manage the licenses and install them on one of our existing license servers.

Standalone Licensed Software

Sufficient licenses must be purchased such that every machine in the lab has a license, even if fewer are required. This is due to the method by which software is deployed in the computer labs. An exception may be granted if written permission is given from the publisher to install it on more computers than are actually running it.