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Our computer labs vary in size from 16 stations up to 41 stations.  Changes to lab hardware must be planned far in advance so that funds can be requested via the budget process.  If you would like to request changes to the hardware in a computer lab, please contact Sky Mooney.


All of our computer labs have Microsoft Office installed as part of the standard image.  Individual labs may also have a variety of other specific software installed to meet instructional needs.  If you would like to request that software be updated in particular lab, or new software be installed, please see our Computer Lab Software Requests page.


To book a specific computer lab, please see the Details section (Bookable field) on each computer lab page.  If you are unsure as to which lab would meet your technical requirements, please contact Sky Mooney and he will provide direction for you.

Tier 1* Computer Lab List

Location Abbreviation Equipment Description
ART215 AE1 41 PCs Largest Instructional Lab on Campus
ASC165 GE1 32 PCs  
EME2205 HS1 27 PCs  
FIP129 FS1 21 PCs  
FIP133 FS2 21 PCs  
LIB111 IC2 29 PCs Library
RHS223 FM1 33 PCs Faculty of Medicine Restricted Computer Lab
SCI126 SC2 21 PCs  
SCI128 MM1 31 Macs
SCI234 CS1 32 PCs  

* Tier 1 labs are defined as major instructional computing labs.


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